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In September 2020, AgriLife IT centralized customer support to help assure the quickest response time, and provide the best resources to engage in support or project needs.

Support for the College has been consolidated through a central phone number and email address. Departments have been grouped into three support areas, each that have dedicated teams of multiple support staff. Click here for details.

Support for AgriLife Extension county offices, urban centers, south campus, and AgriLife Research centers is provided by four centralized IT Zones. 

Click here for details

Our phone and ticketing systems are engineered to quickly route your call or email to the correct team.

AgriLife Information Technology

AgriLife IT’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM

We have 4 methods of requesting help:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Use the contact information below regardless of the IT support needed (classroom, software, hardware, or initiating a new project).

AgriLife Extension & Research

Each IT zone has a dedicated team that provides IT support with additional support available through the FirstCall team. IT support or project requests are initiated through two channels: a zone-specific phone number or email address.  If you don’t know what zone you are in, you can use the map or table below to find your zone and zone contact information.

AIT Zones & Contact Info

Not sure what zone you are in or how to contact your Zone IT? Type your location (County Office, District Office, or Regional Center) in to the search bar to find your zone, zone email, and zone phone number!

You can download this map by clicking on AgriLife IT Zone Coverage Map 2021 under Article Attachments at the bottom of this page.

map of Texas counties color coded based on their service zones

Contact Information for Each Zone:

Zone 1itservice1@ag.tamu.edu979.213.5537
Zone 2itservice2@ag.tamu.edu979.213.5534
Zone 3itservice3@ag.tamu.edu979.213.5532
Zone 4itservice4@ag.tamu.edu979.213.5362
Updated on May 19, 2021

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