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Configure your AgriLife Microsoft Office 365 account alternate authentication method

You will have completed the registration process once you have added at least one of the following authentication methods

Add a Phone

Step 1

Go to

Login with your AgNet Credentials

If your phone number is already listed, then you do not need to continue

Step 2


Step 3

Select the method you would like to add- Authenticator App, Phone (Cell Phone,) Alternate Phone, or Office Phone

AIT recommends utilizing the “Phone” option and entering your cellular number, so you will be able to reset your password when you are away from your office

You can add multiple methods if you like

Step 4

Follow the on screen instructions to complete adding each of the methods you choose

AgNet Administrative Accounts: If you have an AgNet administrative account for your workstation you do not need to register an alternate authentication method.

Administrative account passwords should be reset by using Ctrl-Alt-Del and selecting Change Password on your workstation.

Add the Microsoft Authenticator App

Updated on February 24, 2022

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