AgriLife Information Technology

AGNET Guest WiFi

Complete the steps below to access the AGNET Guest wireless network.

Each access code provides wireless access for 2 devices.
The code is only valid for 24 hours for most locations.
Contact your Zone IT for location-specific expiration time frames.
If you need wireless access for longer than the expiration time, simply repeat the process after the expiration of the previous code.

Step 1

Review the available networks on your device. Select AGNET Guest

Step 2

Enter your cell phone number and select Request code.

Wait for the code to be sent to your cell phone.

Include your area code

Step 3

Enter the code in the One time access code field

Step 4

Enter you first and last name, email address, and business address in the appropriate fields

Step 5

Review the Terms of Service Agreement by tapping on Terms of Service agreement

Then check the box next to “I agree to

Step 6

Click Authenticate to complete the process and connect to the AGNET Guest wireless network