AgriLife Information Technology

Managing meetings on the console

Add a participant

  1. Tap Add participants
  2. Find the people you want to invite
  3. Tap on the names of the people you want to invite to add them to the list of invitees
  4. Once you have added all of the new participants, tap Invite

Pin a participant’s video

When there are multiple people sharing video in a meeting, it can get confusing for participants to follow. You can “pin” a presenter or participant’s video. This means that only a designated participant’s video shows on the room’s display.

Note: This will only pin the video for the room.
This will not pin the video for others in the meeting.

  1. Tap on the participant’s name on the console
  2. Tap Pin

Manage the screen layout

Note: If you have a single display, you can choose between showing just shared content or showing content and a row of people.
If you have two displays, one will show content and the other will show people.
Selecting Layout will swap which display shows which.

  1. Tap Layout on the console
  2. Toggle between the different layouts for your room display until you find the one you want

Manage audio

  • Tap Mic on the room console to mute or unmute the in-room mic
  • Select Volume up or Volume down to adjust the speaker volume or to mute the speaker
  • Mute participants by
    1. Tap Participants
    2. Tap on the name of the participant you want to mute
    3. Tap Mute participant

Manage video

  • Tap Camera on the console to turn the in-room camera on or off
  • Choose which device you want to use or tap Camera Off to stop streaming the room’s video