AgriLife Information Technology

Add a Zoom or WebEx Meeting to an AgriLife Teams Meeting Room

  1. Take the body of the invite email you received from the ZOOM or WEBEX Host. A typical ZOOM body looks like this:

    Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 751 7102 6618 Passcode: 2g8XtZ

  2. Open your Outlook client and go to the Calendar View

  3. Click on NEW MEETING

  4. Remove the automatic teams meeting content that appears in the body

  5. Paste in your Zoom Meeting information into the body in the Required Field enter in the name of your conference room

  6. Set the appropriate START and END TIME of the meeting

  7. Send the invite

  8. Validate BEFORE your meeting that the invite shows up on the Logitech TAP System

    It should look like this. Be sure the ZOOM icon is showing and not TEAMS:

  9. Click JOIN to Join the meeting

  10. On the next screens select SHOW MEETING ON THIS DEVICE