AgriLife Information Technology

Duo Enrollment

The Duo setup process takes about 2 minutes.

You can watch this video or follow along with the directions below the video.

Step 1

Go to any SSO enabled web site (we’ll use SSO) and click on the AgriLife Logo

Step 2

Sign in using your AgriLife AgNet ID and password

Step 3

Click Start Setup

Step 4

Select what type of device you are adding

Click Continue

Step 5

Select United States from the drop down list

Enter your Phone Number

Check the box next to “You entered [your phone number]. Is this the correct number?”

Click Continue

Step 6

Select your device’s operating system

Click Continue

Step 7

On your computer-

Click I have Duo Mobile installed

On your phone-

Download the Duo Mobile app from your app store

Open the app

Tap on the + in the top right corner

Scan the barcode on your computer screen

Step 8

Once you see the green check mark on the barcode on your computer screen, click Continue

Step 9 (optional)

You can add a nickname to your device, add another device, or select a default device and authentication method on this screen

Click Continue to Login

Step 10

Your device is now ready to authenticate your logins!

Select an authentication method

  • Duo Push will send a notification to your phone for you to approve
  • Call Me will call your phone and ask you to press a specific key on your keypad
  • Passcode will send you a text with a verification code for you to enter on your computer screen