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TAMU WiFi for Android

Setup Instructions

NOTE: You must use Version 1.6 or greater of the Android software to connect to TAMU Wifi on your Android device.

Use the directions below to connect to TAMU_WiFi on your macOS product:

Step 1

In the Settings menu, go to Wireless & Networks and tap Wi-Fi

Step 2

Tap TAMU_WiFi from the list of available networks

Step 3

Most of these settings should be filled in automatically, but if not, enter the following information then tap Connect

  • EAP Method: PEAP
  • Phase 2 Authentication: None
  • CA Certificate: (unspecified)
  • Identity: your NetID
  • Anonymous Identity: Leave this field blank
  • Password: your NetID password

If prompted for a domain, use

Step 4

Confirm you are connected to TAMU_WiFi by looking for the word Connected under TAMU_WiFi in your networks list

Updated on March 29, 2023

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