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AgriLife IT Best Practices

New Year, New Resolutions! This is the perfect opportunity to take some time to review AgriLife IT’s Best Practices when it comes to IT Services. Click the links below to go to a specific section, or scroll through them all!

AgriLife AgNet Account

Our password policy and reset process changed in 2021, so review the new rules and process using the links below:

You are still able to reset your password 24/7, from any device that has a web browser, and even if you have forgotten your password, or it has already expired!


  • Your computer should remain on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends
    • This will allow operating system patches to be installed and ensure your system is fully secured
  • Computers should be rebooted once a week to ensure patches are fully installed
    • Incomplete installations can leave a computer vulnerable, and a security risk to the entire network
  • Campus or Center computers that are not on site must connect to the AGNET network at least once every 30 days, either using a VPN connection or by connecting directly to an Ethernet cable on site
  • When leaving a computer unattended, lock the computer and close the office door
    • Lock Windows systems: Windows + L
    • Lock Mac systems: Ctrl+ Shift+ Power

Anti-Virus Protection


is the approved anti-virus and data leakage software installed on all AgriLife computers.

You can verify a computer is protected by Sophos by locating the icon below on your screen:

Sophos for Windows 10

Sophos in the System Tray
Sophos in the Start Menu

Sophos for macOS

Sophos in the Finder menu
Sophos in the Spotlight Search

Operating Systems

Computers utilizing an unsupported operating system, or OS, must complete the following to remain in operation at AgriLife:

  1. Be upgraded to a supported OS OR
  2. Have an exception request approved by the Information Security Officer (ISO)

Supported Operating Systems


The only version currently supported by AgriLife IT is Windows 10


Supported versions of macOS are 10.15 and 11.4 (Big Sur)


All software installed on AgriLife workstations should:

  • have an AgriLife business purpose
  • be properly licensed and approved by AIT (AgriLife Information Technology) for compatibility with system security and management programs

Cloud & Remote Storage


provides AgriLife personnel with 5 terabytes of storage that can be accessed securely on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Confidential Information Awareness

Storage/transfer of confidential information can only be facilitated through approved systems and methods to limit the likelihood of unauthorized disclosure or public release.

Handling confidential information, outside of these designated systems, requires a method compliant with AgriLife Rules & Procedures. 
If a business need exists, please contact the AgriLife Information Security Officer to discuss. 

Security Incident Notification

Security incidents shall be promptly reported to:

  1. your immediate supervisor
  2. local IT personnel
  3. AgriLife ISO

As warranted, the AgriLife ISO will report the condition to the TAMUS Chief ISO.  

NOTE: Incidents involving AgriLife IT services must be reported here.

Wireless Network Services

Wireless access is available at most remote locations, via AGNET and AGNET Guest networks.

AgNet Network

  • Designated wireless network for AgriLife personnel 
  • Protected through encryption 
  • Requires AGNET credentials to access 

AgNet GUEST Network

  • For use only by non-AgriLife personnel 
  • Not encrypted 
  • Requires temporary login credentials, via cell phone registration, to access 

Get Help

Remember, AgriLife IT is open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

The FirstCall Service Desk can be reached using the following methods:

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