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Anti-Virus Protection

AgriLife uses Sophos Endpoint Protection for our anti-virus needs.

About Sophos

Sophos Endpoint Protection is anti-virus software that includes a suite of components installed on all AgriLife desktops and laptops.

AgriLife Information Technology has been using Sophos Endpoint Protection to protect your computers for over 10 years.

It protects against malicious threats including:

  • viruses
  • malware
  • ransomware

AgriLife also uses Sophos to block access to known malicious web sites, and warns users about web sites that may contain unsavory or inappropriate content.

Events, alerts and errors are reported to AgriLife, providing up-to-the-minute notification of potential problems, and letting AgriLife IT know when files containing personally identifying information such as Social Security Numbers are found on the hard disk drive.

Sophos is also used to enable hard drive encryption on portable devices for security purposes in case they’re lost or stolen. Continuous monitoring of AgriLife’s Enterprise IT resources makes it possible to remain compliant with AgriLife, University, state and federal policies and guidelines.

What does Sophos do?

Sophos Endpoint Protection and its associated components run as background processes, monitoring file activity to detect, intercept, and report malicious content and behavior in real time.

When Windows is used to move a file from one drive to another or to the Internet, Sophos examines the file contents “on the fly” for sensitive data and reports if any is found, without interfering in the move or copy process.

While the computer user is surfing the web, Sophos monitors the activity and blocks attempts to go to web pages with known malicious content, and warns the user before displaying content that might be inappropriate.

Sophos’ work is done in the background to minimize the impact to you.

The events are reported to AgriLife IT to review and respond appropriately to any suspicious or malicious activity.

Over 4,000 AgriLife devices utilize Sophos actively deterring malware, ransomware, and other threats.

How does Sophos help me?

With Sophos, employees may use AgriLife IT resources confident that they’re protected from threats from any source no matter where they may be—anywhere in the world. Sophos software is kept up to date to protect devices and users from even the latest malicious threats, automatically eliminating them in most cases.

AgriLife IT monitors alerts from Sophos to provide further remediation if necessary—often without impacting employees or their work. Warnings about unsavory web content can avoid embarrassing mistakes when searching the web. AgriLife’s license with Sophos Endpoint Protection provides the added benefit of free use of Sophos Home Edition for employee’s personal devices.

How do I use it?

You don’t have to do anything to use Sophos, as long as your computer remains powered on and available on any network.

Sophos is installed by default on all AgriLife laptops and desktops.

You are able to examine the status and alerts on the Sophos Endpoint Protection screen accessible either in the System Tray or from the Windows Menu.

The Sophos Endpoint Console looks like this:

Sophos Endpoint Protection console on an AgriLife laptop

If any intervention is required, a member of AgriLife IT will contact you.

Feel free to contact AgriLife IT via the form below regarding any questions or concerns about Sophos Anti-Virus or alerts you may see.

Sophos Intercept X has also been provided to protect your mobile devices.

Click here for more information.

Updated on May 11, 2021

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