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Software End of Life

What is End of Life?

All software has a lifecycle. It begins when the software is released, continues through the support phase, and ends with the software no longer supported.

End of Life (EOL) Software is software that is no longer actively supported by the developer. This means that the developer no longer releases updates for the software program.

Software that is not EOL is considered actively supported and receives regular updates.

Why would a developer stop supporting software?

  • The software developer might be starting a new version release from scratch to introduce new features.
  • The existing software will not be supported on newer platforms.
  • Supporting the software with updates and patches has become too expensive for the developer.

How do you know if your software is End of Life?

  • The developer’s website usually provides this information.
  • The software program may display a warning or error message.
  • Your IT support team lets you know that a software program you have is no longer supported.

What can you do?

  • When software goes End of Life, there may be a new version or edition that the developer is launching, which will be supported.
  • A new license (or an upgrade) to the supported version may be needed.
  • Check with your IT support team.

Some developers may continue to provide temporary, paid extended support for the software. However, this is seen as a last resort and can be costly.
AIT does not pay for extended support for EOL software. This means you will be responsible for any costs related to software you choose to keep past EOL.

Recent EOL Software

Microsoft recently announced the End of Life of their Internet Explorer (IE) web browser.

Internet Explorer has been around for 25 years, and Microsoft has finally decided it can no longer continue supporting it. It has been replaced with Microsoft Edge browser. Edge browser includes an IE Mode compatibility setting which allows older websites to still be supported on Internet Explorer.

PDF editing/creation software, Adobe Acrobat Professional 2017, also recently went End of Life. Therefore, it will no longer receive regular updates, and running it on devices will become a security risk. For this reason, the software will need to be replaced with a supported version or an alternate software application.