AgriLife Information Technology

New TVMDL IT Support Phone Number

As a part of the change to the AgriLife IT shared service model, we are transitioning from the TVMDL IT ticketing system to AgriLife’s.

This will provide access to additional IT resources that are not physically located at TVMDL, and will provide our full suite of IT subject matter experts to TVMDL.

Additionally, as of today, there is a new official telephone number that will reach our support staff wherever they might be using our Microsoft phone technology, that has our team connected from any device or location. We will keep the existing support number in place for TVMDL during the transition to ease the process. After a few months, the old number will no longer be in service.

Please take note of the new support number below, and begin to use it at your earliest convenience. With this new number and Microsoft phone technology, it will ring to all TVMDL IT team members while mobile or at their desks.

We will continue to provide updates as they occur, and we thank you for your patience during this transition.