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What is a Teams Live Event?

A Teams Live Event is a mass broadcast event in Teams capable of reaching 10,000 audience members. Teams live events is an extension of Teams meetings, enabling you to produce events for large online audiences with more control over video, audience interaction, and reporting. And anyone can join, regardless of their Teams status.

Read below for information on when to use a Live Event, basic instructions, and how/when to get help from AgriLife IT.

Why would I use a Live Event?

A live event allows you to reach an exponentially larger audience, and ensures anyone can join, regardless of if they have a Teams account or not.

Differences between Teams Meeting and Live Event

Teams Meeting

  • allows audience to speak/share camera
  • up to 300 participants
  • used when audience interactivity/participation is desired

Live Event

  • does not allow camera sharing or speaking from audience
  • used when addressing more than 300 participants
  • used when addressing your audience, not interacting

How do I host a Live Event?

  1. Open Teams (not Outlook)
  2. Select Meetings
  3. Select New Meeting
  4. Select Live Event

For more info, click here.

Teams Live Event FAQs & Additional Resources

How do I schedule my first Teams Live Event?
Just open Teams, select Meetings, then make a new Live Event. We encourage you to review the information here as well.

You do not need to add attendees – anyone invited to the Live Event through Teams automatically becomes a producer. You will receive an Attendee Link that you can share with anyone needing to attend.

For more information on attendee’s, click here.

Note: Once made you must manage the meeting through Teams, do not adjust within Outlook.
Can anyone make a Teams Live Event?
Yes, any active AgriLife Staff or Faculty member with Teams access can make a Teams Live Event.
What is a Producer, and how do I produce a Live Event?
A Producer is someone responsible for queuing and presenting content for the audience. This role should be restricted. Producing a Live Event can take some practice, so we encourage you to both test it, and review all available information here.

For anyone that just needs to present content, ensure they are made a presenter instead. Review the information here for some of the differences.

There are also some best practices we encourage you to read here.
Can I record and review who attended my Live Event?
Yes, recording is fully supported, and after the event you can get a report that will let you know how many attended. For assistance with these features, and how to end the Live Event, visit here.
I want my audience to ask questions – can they?
Teams Live Events comes with a feature that supports question and answer. Attendees can ask questions, and producers/presenters can review, publish, and answer the questions.

Review the information here on Teams Live Event Q/A.
I was invited to a Live Event – how do I attend?
To attend a Teams Live Event, just click the link provided and you will join as soon as the Live Event is started. For more information and a guided walkthrough, visit this website.
Updated on July 26, 2021

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