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Secure Email

If this option is enabled in your account, Microsoft 365 Message Encryption allows you to encrypt an email and all of its attachments.

How do I encrypt an email?

In the Outlook desktop client:

  1. Start a new message
  2. Click on the Encrypt on the options tab in your Outlook ribbon

In Outlook Online:

  1. Start a new message
  2. Click on Encrypt in the toolbar

Additional Restricting Permissions

You can also restrict the recipient’s permissions on your email using these settings:

Permissions in Outlook app

Permissions in Outlook Online

  • Encrypt-Only
    • does not impose further restrictions
  • Do Not Forward
    • does not allow the recipient to forward your email
  • Confidential
    • does not allow the recipient to copy or print the email
  • Confidential View Only
    • does not allow the recipient to modify the email

When you encrypt an email to an external recipient, they will receive an email with a link to the encrypted message.

If they click on the link, they will be directed to a Microsoft website, which will send them a one-time code to access the encrypted message, which can only be read via Microsoft’s encrypted messaging interface.

When you encrypt an email to an internal recipient, they will receive the email as normal, and be able to read it in their Outlook desktop app or Outlook Online.

How can I protect my attachments?

Microsoft’s Information Rights Management system will protect any Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.) that you attached to the secure email.

This means your documents will have the same restrictions that you apply to your email, even if they are downloaded to the recipient’s computer.

Updated on August 23, 2021

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