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This task requires approval from the immediate supervisor listed for your in AgriLife People.
While the request process in ALP only takes 2 minutes, the actual time from request submission to creation of your email alias will depend on how long it takes your supervisor to approve/deny your request.

How to request a Microsoft Email Alias

  1. Log in to AgriLife People

    Go to
    Click on the blue LOGIN button in the top right corner
    Click on the AGRILIFE square on the following screen
    Enter your AgriLife AgNet ID and password
    Authenticate using your preferred Duo method

  2. Click on the YOUR ALP tab

    Then click on Manage Your IT Services

  3. Click on the bubble under MODIFY next to AgriLife Email

    Check the box next to Request New Email Alias

  4. Change the effective date and time

    If you need your alias created prior to or after 5 pm of the day you are requesting it, click on the calendar icon under the Date & Time These Changes Should Take Place section
    Click CONTINUE

  5. Read the Alias Policy and Guidelines

    Once you have read and understood the alias policy and guidelines, check the box next to Check to confirm that you have read the alias policy and that this request meets this policy
    Enter your desired alias in the Desired New Email Alias field
    Enter your reason for requesting this alias in the “Justify this Alias field
    Click CONTINUE

  6. Review your Request

    If you are satisfied with your request, click SUBMIT Request
    If you need to modify your request, click on either SELECT IT SERVICES or SERVICE CONFIGURATIONS, make the necessary changes, then click CONTINUE until you are back on this screen

Updated on September 24, 2021

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