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Remove Syncplicity from your Device

Support for Syncplicity ended December 1, 2021, when the TAMU System and AgriLife contracts were terminated.

Since Syncplicity is officially no longer supported, you may see this window when logging into your device:

To prevent this from happening, you can follow the steps below to remove Syncplity from your devices. These steps work for both Windows and Mac devices.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Remove Syncplicity from your Device using Ivanti Portal Manager

  1. Click on your Start button

  2. Scroll down to and open the Ivanti Management folder

    Click on Portal Manager

  3. Click on Install above Remove Syncplicity

    This will run an uninstaller that removes Syncplicity from your device

  4. Possible Additional Step for Mac Devices

    You might see a warning after the removal process has been completed, asking you to restart your device. You may restart if you prefer, but Syncplicity will be removed without it.

Updated on January 11, 2022

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