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New User Checklist

Welcome to AgriLife Information Technology!

We have put together a list of items you will need to orient yourself during your first day, week, and month as an AgriLife employee.

You can download a printable version of this guide at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

Your First Day

Your First Week

Your First Month

Optional Steps

Request IT Support

The FirstCall Service Desk can be contacted using the following 4 methods:

TVMDL Support Team can be reached at:

New User Training

AgriLife IT has developed a series of training sessions specifically for our new users.

AgriLife IT Glossary

AgNet Account
Your AgNet account is your firstname.lastname.
You use it to log in to the following:
-your AgriLife email
-your computer login (only applies to computers on the AgNet domain or Azure -and on Windows 10)
-Microsoft Teams
-your Office 365 license
-County Holidays
-SSO (only applies if you use your AgNet ID to log in- does not apply if you use your UIN or TAMU Net ID)
AgriLife People (ALP)
AgriLife People, also referred to as ALP, serves many purposes for AgriLife.
It is the public facing directory of all AgriLife units and employees.
Each unit is managed by a designated representative or representatives called Unit Account Managers (UAMs.)
ALP is also the official Information Technology On/Off-Boarding and IT Self-Service Management portal for all AgriLife employees.
All AgriLife IT services are requested and managed in ALP.
You can log in to ALP using your AgNet ID here.
eduroam is 1 of 2 wifi networks on the Texas A&M University campus.
Click here to see setup instructions for each operating system.
FirstCall Service Desk
FirstCall is AgriLife IT’s technical support team. The team is available Monday- Friday, 8 am- 12pm, and 1 pm-5 pm.

They can be reached using any of the following methods:
Chat with AIT
Submit a Ticket
Ivanti is the asset management software that AgriLife IT uses to remotely manage AgriLife computers. It can report on installed software and hardware, allow AIT remote assistance to provide support, and install security patches without interrupting your work.

Click here for more information.
Portal Manager
Ivanti offers a service called Portal Manager, which is similar to the app store on your smart phone. It allows AgriLife IT to provide a way for users to install commonly requested or purchased software on their own time, without an admin account.

Click here for more information, a current list of available software, and steps to install from the Ivanti Portal Manager.
SSO stands for Single Sign On. It usually refers to this site, but can also refer to the CAS and SHIB services AgriLife uses to sign on to:
AgriLife People
FirstCall login
Click here for more information.
Sophos Endpoint Protection is the anti-virus software that AgriLife IT has used for over 10 years. It is installed on all AgriLife computers.
Click here for more information on Sophos for AgriLife.

Sophos also offers AgriLife employees free antivirus software for personal devices, called Sophos Home Premium. Click here for more information on Sophos Home Premium.
TeamViewer is software that is installed on all computers purchased through TechBuy. This software allows members of AIT to connect to your computer and assist you quickly and efficiently.

Click here for more information.
TechBuy is the inhouse computer purchasing team for AgriLife IT. Since 2020, all computer purchases for AgriLife are made through TechBuy.
Click here to see the benefits of purchasing through TechBuy and FAQs.
Unit Account Manager (UAM)
Unit Account Managers (UAMs) are the employees designated and trained to maintain their unit(s) in AgriLife People. They are responsible for onboarding, offboarding, and transferring employees as well as maintaining their units’ contact information.

You can find a list of UAMS and their designated units here.
Updated on December 12, 2022

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