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Welcome to the AgriLife IT Services Environment!

AgriLife IT’s Chief Information Officer and Director, Alan Kurk, kicked off this series by introducing our IT environment! He covers how to contact AIT, what you can expect from this training series, and our New Users Guide.

Questions Asked During Welcome to the AgriLife IT Services Environment!

Where is Microsoft Forms accessed?
Forms can be accessed through the Office 365 Portal in your browser.
You can go to, log in using and your AgNet password, and click on the Forms icon in the left panel of your window.
The Forms icon looks like this:
Can we access the recorded version after a missed session?
When we need assistance, are we still supposed to just email FirstCall or are we supposed to email the email?
If you’re in a regional center or county office, we encourage you to look at the Zone Map or searchable table here to find which Zone contact point you should use.
The reason for this is there is a dedicated team for your center and the surrounding area. If you call our central desk, who handles everyone in the state, your response time may be slower. But if you call your dedicated Zone team, their response time will be a lot faster, and their support is going to more likely be more specific because they know your environment.
How are you going to share the information about these trainings?
Recordings of meetings will be uploaded on this page the day of training sessions.
We will also use our Ivanti Management Software to push notifications the day before training sessions.
All session (past and future) information can be found on this page.
How are our graduate students impacted by this?
Impact to graduate students may vary- it depends on how things are being done for your department. It was different in every department, so the first thing we ask you is did your department issue you a computer?
If they issued a computer to you, and you receive an email from us asking you to set up an appointment for your migration, please set up an appointment.
In regards to email, so departments put their graduate students in Exchange, some didn’t, so they’re using Gmail. If you’re currently using Gmail, we’re going to leave you as well as student workers on Gmail.
But we recognize some of the departments chose to put their graduate students and student workers on Exchange, so if that’s the case for you, we’ll need to migrate your email.
What devices work best with the Microsoft Phone System?
What we’ve noticed is most departments are going with Bluetooth devices. We are not telling users one way or the other- it is up to your personal preference.
But if you would like to check out what is offered through AgriLife TechBuy, click here for phones and here for Bluetooth devices.
We are using Microsoft Teams with our grad students. Will this still work after migration?
Yes. It does not matter if you are currently using Microsoft Teams with TAMU IT or AgriLife IT- you will be able to continue to work with your students.
Our recommendation if you are using Microsoft Teams through TAMU IT is that you migrate to AgriLife IT, if you are not already in the process, because we can provide a faster and more effective support system, since you will be in our IT Environment.
Any issues for Exchange email, MS Teams, etc., on personal laptops, iPhones, iPads?
No. With the Office 365 licenses AgriLife IT provides, you are able to install Microsoft Office 365 on up to 10 devices-which can include personal computers and smart phones.
Can you please clarify one more time who we email for services?
Is it or our zone emails?
If you’re in a county office, or regional center, or not in College Station, Texas, you need to call or email one of the Zone Teams found here.
If you’re in College Station, and are not with COALS, contact our FirstCall Service Desk here.
If you’re in College Station, with COALS, and have not been migrated yet, use and 979.803.1375.
I am new to COALS – How do I know if my Microsoft Teams with you or TAMU?
You can actually open Microsoft Teams, and locate the 3 dots next your initials or picture.
Click those 3 dots, then click on Settings.
Click on Accounts in the left panel.
Under the Current account, you will see Texas A&M AgriLife or Texas A&M University.
If you see Texas A&M AgriLife, your Teams is through AgriLife IT.
If you see Texas A&M University, your Teams is through TAMU IT.
Are we still okay to use TAMU Google Shared Drive?
We are not telling anyone to stop using Google. If your files are in Google, and that’s how you interact with your students, then continue to do so.
However, if your department has a lot of business files, and things that have confidential information, we encourage you to move those files in to OneDrive and Teams on our environment, so AgriLife IT can support you better, secure those files better, and make them more collaborative.

Please be aware that AgriLife IT cannot fix problems in your Google Suite- we would have to contact TAMU IT if you have technical issues with your Google apps.
Since I use a switchboard phone, how does the Microsoft Team phone work with transferring phone calls?
Check out our Phone Expansion Module here that adds on to the Mid-Range and High-End phones. This module gives you the functionality of a switchboard phone.

File Collaboration in the Cloud

We show you all of the “multi” capabilities of saving in OneDrive & Teams! A few features we are excited about include AutoSave, Recent Files, and Reusable Slides!

Questions Asked During File Collaboration in the Cloud

Does Endnote work with Office 365?
Yes, EndNote works with Office 365.
Is it recommended to work from the web version application vs the desktop versions?
It is up to you- some people prefer the desktop apps, some prefer the web based.
Is there an easier way to access photos in Teams?
While Teams doesn’t let you directly edit photos, you can create a photo repository to quickly preview and find particular photos. You can then download the ones you need for your publications or for editing purposes.

See the video below on how to set up your own Photo repository below:
How much file space is available to us in OneDrive?
Each user has a total of 5 terabytes (TB) of space available for OneDrive. Click here for more info and resources on OneDrive.
How many versions of a file are maintained in OneDrive and for how long?
We are looking in to this, and will post the answer here as soon as we have it!
Do we have access to the recording of this meeting?
Sessions will be uploaded to, usually the same day as the training.

AgriLife Self Service IT

Our Software Team has worked hard to create a site that can do it all! We will be introducing this site, AgriLife People, and all of its capabilities, including Self Service IT, the public directory, and how you can modify your profile!

Questions Asked During AgriLife Self Service IT

At what point will we be able to log in and update our profiles in AgriLife People?
If you have an AgNet ID, you can log in at any time to update your profile.
If you are in COALS, you will be able to once you have been migrated.
When you create the group within the contact list, is this to use as an email group, or just gives you the custom list?
ALP creates a downloadable Excel workbook that you can use however you want. If you want to use these as an email group, you can import to Outlook.
If I create a team, does ALP let me add people to the team for me, or do I have to do that?
No. ALP lets you create the team, but you will need to add members through Teams or by sending the link to your Team to your desired members.

Communication & Microsoft Teams

We cover the main methods of communication available through Microsoft Teams. This includes Chat, Call, and Meetings, and how you can use them to keep up with your own team!

Questions Asked During Communication & Microsoft Teams

What are the end of service dates for Skype for Business and WebEx?
How do I disable chat notifications without missing Teams calls notifications?
Who do I contact for help setting up a Webinar or Live Event?
How do I get to the Device Settings screen while in a meeting?
Is your Team Calendar visible to others?
Do you have to go to the Calendar tab to schedule a meeting every time?
Will scheduling a meeting automatically add it to other attendees’ Team calendars and/or Outlook calendars?
Your TEAMS calendar is the same as your OUTLOOK calendar- whatever you have shared via OUTLOOK is visible to others.
You can schedule TEAMS meetings from your OUTLOOK calendar as well.
Click here for more information on scheduling Teams meetings using Outlook.
When I schedule a meeting, is an invitation created that I can send in an email?
Can you delete past chats or clean that section up so there are not so many items that are no longer needed?
How I can see who is a member of my Team?
Can I (an attendee) stop a recording when I am not the host of the meeting?

Collaboration & Microsoft Teams

In this session we cover some of the features of file collaboration that are unique to Microsoft Teams. These features include storing, editing, and comments.

Questions Asked During Collaboration & Microsoft Teams

Can the Teams calendar be synced with the Outlook calendar?
The Teams calendar is one in the same with your Outlook calendar.
How secure is data within a Team?
VERY secure! Only those who have access to the Team or the Channel within a Team can access the posts or the files. Teams is HIPPA compliant.
Are my tabs visible to the entire team or is this something for me to reference?
Everyone can see everything in a tab, so yes, a tab that has been added to a Team or Channel can be seen by all who have access to that specific Team or Channel.
If someone fails to check in a document, does the file remain inaccessible to others until they have checked it back in?
YES. If a file is checked out, it remains unavailable until it is checked back in.
Would you go over calendar creation? Looking for a shared calendar without sharing my own calendar.
This link provides steps on how to do this.
Can a Team interactively develop a calendar?
Is there a bulletin board feature in Teams?
Yes! This particular app called Bulletin Board by NextSet has been recommended by other AgriLife employees.
How can I migrate files from Syncplicity to OneDrive?
Click here for step by step instructions

Mobile Devices & Office 365

We will show you how you can use your smart phone or tablet, the Microsoft Office app, Teams, and OneDrive to stay connected, even when you are not at your computer!

Questions Asked During Mobile Devices & Office 365

TechBuy- AgriLife’s Technology Store

We would like to introduce you to AgriLife’s Technology Store- TechBuy! We will cover what is offered through TechBuy, the benefits of our unified systems, and the purchasing process.

Questions Asked During TechBuy-AgriLife’s Technology Store

Updated on September 30, 2021

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