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New Computer Guide

4 steps to complete before you get your new computer:

1. Back up your files

  • Move all of your files to OneDrive, Teams, or an external hard drive.
  • This includes any files saved to your Desktop, Documents folder, or any other location on your hard drive. Move all of your files to OneDrive, Teams, or an external hard drive.

2. Export all browser bookmarks

  • Save your browser favorites/bookmarks as an .html file to the same place you saved your files.
  • Click the browser icon below for specific directions on how to save your bookmarks/favorites as an html file. These links also include directions on how to import your favorites/bookmarks into your new computer.

3. Gather items needed for third-party software

  • Make a list of any third-party software you will need installed on the new computer.
  • Make sure you have all installation tools (discs, download links, logins, etc) and licenses/keys needed to install your software.

While AIT strives to maintain detailed documentation to aid in future installations or troubleshooting, we are not always able to document licensing information or have access to installation tools.
Therefore AIT is not responsible for maintaining third-party software records.

4. Have a plan for your old computer

  • Coordinate with your supervisor or property office to have it surplussed or repurposed

Any software not listed in the table below is considered third-party software and will need an AIT administrator to install.

Will already be installed on your computerCan be installed through Ivanti Portal Manager
Google ChromeAdobe Acrobat Reader
Microsoft EdgeAgriLife Branded TeamViewer
TeamViewerCamtasia (requires a license purchased through TechBuy)
OutlookGoogle Chrome
ExcelGoogle Earth Pro
WordHP drivers, firmware, and BIOS upgrades (requires an admin account to run)
TeamsJava 8
PowerPointMicrosoft Teams
OneNoteMicrosoft Teams Custom Wallpapers
OneDriveMozilla Firefox
Open JDK8
Wondershare PDFelement (requires a license purchased through TechBuy)
Photoshop Elements (requires a license purchased through TechBuy)
Sophos Anti-Virus
TAMU FAMIS Accounting
TAMU VPN (Cisco AnyConnect)
T-Recs Desktop

Steps to complete after you get your new computer

Install software through Ivanti:

Step 1

Click on the Windows Icon (in the lower-left corner of your screen)

Step 2

Click on the Ivanti Management folder

Click on Portal Manager

Step 3

Click Install for any software you need

Additional steps

These steps apply to computers being set up on the Texas A&M University College Station campus or in Bryan/College Station

  1. Schedule a date and time for delivery and setup of your new computer when contacted by a member of TechBuy
  2. Shut down your old computer
  3. Remove all personal items on/around your computer, outlet/surge protector and cords, so the AIT rep can quickly and efficiently switch out your computer

Need help with the prep work or getting set up?

Use the form below to send a request to FirstCall for help!

Updated on January 11, 2022

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