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Microsoft Teams – Web Conferencing Guide

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool available to all Texas A&M AgriLife agency employees.
It can provide for file sharing, chat, web conferencing and screen sharing.
The web conferencing component of Teams is also integrated into Microsoft Outlook to allow efficient
meeting scheduling for those you need to invite to a Teams Web Conference call.
The following content addresses the ability to schedule, invite and conduct a Teams web conference.

Teams Operating System Compatibility

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Mac: MacOS 10.12 and up
  • iOS 10 and Up
  • Android 4.4 and up

On Mobile Devices, you have to sign-in to the mobile Teams App with
Licensing is included with your Office 365 license so there is no need to purchase the app

Web Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome, Firefox are compatibility with Teams with Chrome the preferred option
  • Safari has compatibility issues so Chrome, Firefox are recommended for MacOS and IOS systems

Maximum Number of Attendees and Meeting Duration

  • Maximum number of attendees is 300
  • Maximum duration of a meeting is 24 hours

Who Can I Invite & What is Their Participation Level?

NOTE: Depending on the individual email settings an invite can end up in spam folder, etc.

  • Anyone who has a valid email address can be added to a conference invite
  • All invitees can interact with the conference in terms of audio, video, chat and presenting
  • Invitees using an email are classified as Attendees
  • Invitees using non email are classified as Guests
  • Guests can be Presenters but they must first be elevated to an attendee then to a presenter

Who Can View the Conference & Its Content?

  • Anyone who has the meeting link can join a meeting
  • Anyone in the organization, who has been invited to a web conference, whether the meeting was accepted or not, will receive a copy of the accompanying chat

Scheduling and Inviting Attendees

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to the Calendar View
  3. Click on the “New Teams Meeting” button
  1. This will open a new meeting invite. Add the email addresses of all those you wish to invite to
    the Teams Web conference and set the appropriate time and date. A footer with the AgriLife
    Logo and the meeting link is automatically inserted into the meeting invite.
  1. Send your meeting invite.

NOTE: Messaging/content may be included in the invite such as Steps to Prepare for the Meeting (verify speakers, microphone, camera are working, test connect to meeting), links to review, or material to printout for the meeting.

Setting the Presenter Before a Meeting

By default, everyone is a presenter. To limit presenters, prior to the meeting, utilize the following

  1. Open the meeting invite in your calendar
  2. In the meeting event footer select Meeting options
  3. Login using agnet credential (if prompted)
  4. Under “Who can present? select from
    • Everyone
    • People in my organization (anyone joining the meeting with an email)
    • Specific people
    • Only Me
  5. If Specific people is selected “Select presenters for this meeting” option will follow. Use the
    drop down to select any number from the list to present.

NOTE: The presenter list can be changed during the meeting

Starting your Team Meeting

  1. When the time arrives to start your Teams meeting, access your calendar event and click on the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link in the calendar invite. Those that were invited to the meeting should do the same on their computers as well.

Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

  1. For those users invited to the meeting that have Microsoft Teams installed on their computer;
    the Teams app will automatically pop-up. Select the Join now button to join the meeting once
    the link has been clicked on.
  2. For those users that were invited to the meeting but do not have Microsoft Teams installed
    (guests) the meeting will open within their web browser and they should select the “Join on the
    web instead” option to attend the meeting via their web browser.
  1. First time users/guests will be prompted, via a popup window, to Allow teams to use their microphone and camera. Select Allow to proceed.
  1. First time users/guests will need to Enter their name
  2. Select Join now to enter the Meeting

Web Conferencing Features

Once your Teams web conference is started there are a host of features available to maximize your
meeting/presentation experience.

These features are:

Video Sharing (web camera required)

Voice (computer microphone required)


Record your meeting

Screen or Application Sharing

Live Captions

Blur your background during video calls

Meeting Notes (Shared with all meeting attendees)

Additional Resources for Microsoft Teams

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Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

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Updated on June 25, 2021

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