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Microsoft Teams Telephony Service

What is Microsoft Teams Calling?

Teams calling functionality allows for AgriLife IT to assign an office number to your account within Microsoft Teams. Once converted, you will have a new dial pad within Teams and will be able to make and receive calls from your new office number. Teams calling also enables you to customize your phone experience and offers additional functionality (below).

Microsoft Teams Calling Features:

  • Answer your office calls from any device you install Teams on
  • Call 10-digit phone numbers from your assigned office number
  • Customize your voicemail, including your greeting
  • Call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and call groups
  • Share your phone line with a delegate
  • Put calls on hold and transfer calls
  • View and add contacts, and easily access your call history

Check out our Teams Calling Quick Start Guide to see how to get started!


What features are offered with Microsoft Teams Telephony?
First and foremost the service is integrated into Microsoft Teams. This allows you to take or place a call from any Microsoft Teams enabled device like your computer, mobile phone, Teams enabled desk phone, Teams enabled conference room phone, or Bluetooth device. Beyond this, a host of traditional phone system offerings are available and can be viewed at this link.
Do I have to purchase a Microsoft Teams Phone or can I just use a Bluetooth headset or my computer microphone and speakers?
It’s up to each individual user as to what input/output audio device they use. Those more inclined to the traditional phone device may prefer a Microsoft Teams enabled phone. (See the supported Microsoft Teams Phones)
I am on the Texas A&M Campus and TAMU is telling my department we have to switch to their new Cisco VOIP phone system and purchase a new phone. What should we do?
AgriLife leadership highly recommends that you not switch to the TAMU Cisco VOIP service. The current cost is set to be $31/Month which is almost 5 times more expensive than the Microsoft Teams solution. Additionally, there are no added features, making the migration to TAMU’s Cisco solution an expensive venture with no feature gain.
Do I get to keep my current phone number?
If you are on the Texas A&M campus or using phone service from TAMU IT the answer is no. TAMU does not allow number porting and thus a new number will need to be issued to you. If you are off the TAMU campus your current phone numbers can be ported and used in Microsoft Teams Telephony. Departments may want to elect to keep certain department-level main numbers and forward them to a new Microsoft Teams number. (note that this will require still paying TAMU for the full monthly price of that number).
How does our department get billed for using this service?
AgriLife IT will bill each agency or college centrally for all phone services annually. No more complicated monthly bills for your department!
What does it cost?
There is no cost!

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How to order Microsoft Teams Telephony Service

You can order Microsoft Phone Service by downloading and completing the form below. Email the completed form to

Microsoft Phone Service Order Sheet

Then place an order for your devices through TechBuy using the link below:

Notice regarding E911

Your Microsoft Teams phone’s registered location is your physical campus office location by default.

If you are not currently at your registered location, your call will be sent to a National Emergency Call Center.

When calling 911 from your Teams phone, AgriLife IT always recommends providing the 911 dispatcher with your current location.


Voicemail in Teams is enabled by default, and you can customize it, or even turn it off. 

Voicemail Features

  • Custom recorded greeting messages
  • Text to speech greetings
  • Custom out of office message that automatically enables when you set your Out of Office in Outlook

Voicemail FAQs

How do I disable voicemail?
To disable voicemail, in your Teams client go to Settings -> Calls -> and under If unanswered setting, select Do nothing.
How do I check voicemail?
You can check your voicemail by selecting “Calls” then “Voicemail” in Teams. For detailed instructions, click here.

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Updated on May 11, 2022

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