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Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing

This new feature gives your meeting attendees 3 additional ways to join your Microsoft Teams Meeting:

  1. over the phone
  2. by calling the conference number provided in their invite email
  3. directly call into a meeting (bypasses the Teams App completely)

If your unit pays for a separate phone conferencing service, you can save time and money by using Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing instead.

How to Use your Teams Audio Conferencing

Use the 5 steps below to send a meeting invite:

  1. Go to your Calendar in Outlook
  2. Select New Teams Meeting
  3. Fill out the requested details for your meeting
  4. Add your attendees
  5. Send the invite

Your invitees will receive an email with your meeting invite. In the invite, they will see a section that includes the new call in (audio only) prompt.

Access & Reset your Host PIN Number

Note: You only need to know your Host PIN Number if you plan to start a meeting via phone. You do not need to know it if you will be starting your meeting using the MS Teams desktop or mobile application.

If you need to access or reset your Host PIN Number, you have 2 options that are available 24/7:

  • Click here
  • Click the Reset PIN link found in any MS Teams meeting invite in your email
Updated on January 23, 2023

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