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Map Teams Channel Folder

Every channel in Teams has a “Files” tab associated with it. This is where files and folders are created for that particular channel. These instructions show how to map those channel files and folders so that they show in Windows Explorer in the same way that current mapped share drives appear.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Teams Desktop App

Step 2

Click on the Channel that houses the files you want to sync in Windows Explorer

Step 3

Click on Files in the top Menu

Step 4

Click on Sync

Step 5

When you click on Sync, you will see the message to the right.

You will also see a message from OneDrive in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

You can either close or click on the OneDrive Message, which will open Windows Explorer

If you did not click on the OneDrive message, open Windows Explorer.

You can now see the Channel Folder syncing

Syncing the Channel Folder will allow you to work on or modify:

  • files
  • folders
  • documents

the same way you would if they were on mapped share or network drives.

Updated on August 16, 2021

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