AgriLife Information Technology

Identity Management

AgriLife IT provides overall identity management through automated requests made through the AgriLife People Directory System.

Requesting an AgriLife IT Account

Business units can request IT service access after performing traditional HR onboarding processes by accessing the AgriLife People Directory System.

Each business unit must have a dedicated Unit Account Manager (UAM).

The responsibility of the UAM is to perform IT onboarding and offboarding for all

  • employees
  • student workers
  • vendors
  • visiting faculty

that require access to AgriLife IT services.

Once a UAM has requested an AgNet ID account, the system will automatically start the process of generating an AgNet ID and communicating it to the requesting UAM and new employee.

Account Management

Once a user has been issued an AgNetID all applicable AgriLife Account management rules and procedures are applied relating to inactive accounts and password management.

Updated on September 27, 2021

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