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Email Policies

Policy Tags

AgriLife Default Retention Policy Tags

These policy tags are set as default by Microsoft or AgriLife IT. They apply to all AgriLife users, and cannot be removed or modified on an individual level.

TagsRetention Time
Inboxno default policies
Conversation History180 days
Drafts180 days
RSS Feeds180 days
Sent Items180 days
Deleted Items30 days
Junk Email30 days
Sync Issues30 days

User Available Retention Policy Tags

These tags are optional and can be applied by you on your mailbox, by you, if you want to use them.

TagRetention Time
1 Week Delete7 days
1 Month Delete30 days
90 Day Deletion90 days
6 Month Delete180 days
1 Year Delete365 days
5 Year Delete1825 days
Personal 7 Month move to Archive213 days
Personal 1 year move to archive365 days
Personal 5 year move to archive1825 days
Personal never move to archiveN/A
Never DeleteN/A

File Sizes

TypeSize Limit
Attachment50 MB
Updated on March 2, 2022

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