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Check Your Teams Recycle Bin

Why should you check your recycle bin and set an alert?

  1. The Recycle Bin allows Team Members to see when data was deleted and who deleted that data.
  2. The Recycle Bin allows Team Members to recover deleted items.
  3. Setting an Alert on important Teams folders serves as an early notification that allows Members sufficient time to recover deleted data if need be.

From Microsoft Teams

  1. Click on the Teams Channel
  2. Click on Files in the top menu
  3. Click on Open in SharePoint
  1. Log in with your AgriLife credentials
    • click here for more info on Microsoft Apps Online
  2. Click on Recycle bin in the left menu to see a list of the Channel’s deleted files and folders
  1. You can see:
  • when the item was deleted
  • who deleted it
  • the original file path (location)

  1. Click on any files/folders, then click on Restore to return them to their original location

Configure an Alert

Complete Steps 1-4 above

Step 5

Click on the … option in the menu

Click on Alert me

Step 6

Set the Alert Configuration

You can alert on any file changes or deletions.

Weekly will provide a good summary of deleted items

The email alert will look similar to the email on the right:

The weekly summary will have a list of deleted items in a single email

Updated on August 30, 2021

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