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AgriLife VPN

The AgriLife VPN is for employees housed at the USDA building in College Station and Research and Extension Centers.
If you are physically housed on TAMU’S College Station, Texas campus, please use the directions here.

VPN Access

VPN access allows an employee connected to the internet but outside of an AgriLife Research or Extension facility to remotely connect to the facility’s network.

Once the VPN connection has been established, the facility’s file server (W: Drive) and devices (network printers, virtual machines, etc) are available to use as if your computer was at the facility.

VPN Requirements

  • Specialized permission added to your AgriLife AgNet account
  • VPN client software installation
  • DUO set up for your AgNet account

How do I get VPN Permission?

VPN access is granted through AgriLife People.

AgriLife VPN Access must be approved by your immediate supervisor listed in AgriLife People

Complete the steps below to request access:

This task requires approval from the immediate supervisor listed for you in AgriLife People.
While the request process in ALP only takes 1 minute, the actual time from request submission to VPN access will depend on how long it takes your supervisor to approve/deny your request.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Request access to your Research Center’s VPN through AgriLife People

  1. Log in to AgriLife People

    Go to
    Click on the blue LOGIN button in the top right corner
    Click on the AGRILIFE square on the following screen
    Enter your AgriLife AgNet ID and password
    Authenticate using your preferred Duo method

  2. Click on the YOUR ALP tab

    Then click on Manage Your IT Services

  3. Check the box next to AgriLife VPN

    This box will be under the Request Service(s) section.
    If you do not see AgriLife VPN as an option, then your IT Service Provider is set to a unit that does not use this service.
    You will need to contact your Unit Account Manager to have your IT Service Provider changed to one that does use AgriLife VPN.

  4. Change the effective date and time

    If you need access prior to or after 5 pm of the day you are requesting access, click on the calendar icon under the Date & Time These Changes Should Take Place section
    Click CONTINUE

  5. Check the box next to your Center at the Request access to VPN: prompt

    Click CONTINUE


    *This IT Service does require approval from the supervisor listed for you in AgriLife People. They will receive an email requesting their approval or denial.
    If approved, you will then receive installation and configuration instructions via email.

How do I install and activate the VPN client?

Note: VPN Permissions must be added to your AgNet account before you can download and install the VPN software.
You cannot download, install, or activate the software without the permissions added to your AgNet account.

Step 1

Open the confirmation email sent to your AgriLife email address.

Locate the DNS name specific to your location in that email

Step 2

Enter the following address into your web browser to access the VPN client download page:

https://[[ DNS name specific to your location in your confirmation email]]

Step 3

Enter your AgNet ID ( and password

Click Log In

Step 4

Select your authentication method for Duo

Approve the request

Step 5

Download the VPN client software by selecting the link for your computer’s operating system

Step 6

Begin the VPN software installation by clicking on the install package

Step 7

Complete the software installation by proceeding as directed.

Click Next

Step 8

When the installation is complete, click Close

Step 9

Reboot your computer once the installation has been completed

Step 10

Start the VPN client by going to:

  • Windows start menu
    • Palo Alto Networks
      • Global Protect folder
        • Global Protect

Click on Global Protect

Step 11

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner

Click Settings

Step 12

On the General tab, click on the Add button

Add the DNS name specific to your location

Click Save

Close the Settings window

Step 13

Click Connect

Step 14

Enter your AgNet ID ( and password

Click Log in

Step 15

Request a Duo prompt authentication method

Approve the request

Step 16

The VPN client will attempt to connect to the workplace and if successful, will show as Connected

Step 17

If you need to disconnect the VPN, go to the Global Protect App and click on Disconnect

Updated on January 24, 2023

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