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About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the latest advancement in collaboration offerings provided by Microsoft. As one of the many applications within the AgriLife IT Office 365 offering, Teams provides for a highly collaborative and efficient environment to conduct all business internally and with external partners.

How do I sign in to Microsoft Teams?

All 3 methods use the following login information:
Username: your
Password: your AgNet password

  1. Through your desktop app
  2. Through your web browser here
  3. On your mobile device, using the app downloaded

What can I use Microsoft Teams for?

Key functions of Microsoft Teams include:

  1. File Sharing
  2. Collaborative, real-time file editing
  3. Teams Meetings (Audio, Video, & Conference Calling)
  4. Automated Workflow
  5. Application Integration with a variety of other software platforms (, WorkDay, etc.)

How do I create a Microsoft Team?

Click here for the steps to create a Microsoft Team

For more info on Microsoft Teams

Click on the links below for more info

Create a Breakout Room

Quick Start guide

MS Teams Web Conference Guide How-To

Microsoft Teams Training Videos

What is Microsoft Teams?

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft On Demand Teams Playlist

On Demand Playlist

How to Join a Microsoft Teams Meeting

All Microsoft Teams videos

Microsoft Teams Full Tutorial (14 Minutes)

Microsoft Teams Full Video Tutorial

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams
Updated on August 11, 2021

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