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Black Friday & Cyber Monday- Is That Deal too Good to be True?

According to research conducted by leading cybersecurity company, Bitdefender

56% of all Black Friday spam (by volume) received between Oct 26 and Nov 9 was marked as a scam

Just your yearly dose of Black Friday spam: Cybercrooks get ahead of the game to steal shoppers’ info (

The same study found that the highest percentage of spam emails were sent to recipients located in the US.

Common Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Scams

Bitfender has also identified the most common subject lines of Black Friday/Cyber Monday scams.

Here are the top 2022 subject lines in English:

  • “black friday sale louis vuitton bags up to 86 off shop online now”
  • “black friday ray ban oakley costa sunglasses up to 90 off shop online now”
  • “cyber monday starts now but only for you”
  • “25 nov 2022 is black Friday”
  • “Claim Your $500 Home Depot Gift Card Now!”
  • “claim your 100 walmart reward just in time for black Friday”
  • “the black friday countdown has begun”

The biggest scam campaigns in the US for this year are:

  • discounted Louis Vuitton bags
  • discounted Ray Ban sunglasses
  • $500 gift card giveaway to Home Depot
  • $100 gift card to Walmart

Clicking the links in any of these emails can result in scammers getting your financial information.

Safety Tips

Tips for Emails

  • Confirm the sender is valid by checking the sender’s actual email address- not just name
  • Check for typos in the subject line and body of the email
  • If you can’t verify the sender’s legitimacy, don’t interact
  • Never click on or open links attachments from unfamiliar senders

Tips for Shopping Online

  • Avoid shopping on sites you are unfamiliar with
  • If you are going to shop on a new site, do your research, and make sure you can verify the company is valid
  • Use a secure, and up to date browser/app/device to shop

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