AgriLife Information Technology

August 2021 VPN Update

The Global Protect VPN service will be undergoing necessary updates August 26th from 8pm-11pm.

Alert Details

WHAT: VPN client configuration update
WHEN: August 26th @ 8pm-11pm
WHY: Follow Security standards for VPN and Best Practices
IMPACT:  VPN service will be unavailable during the update
USER INTERACTION: Save any work prior to scheduled outage

VPN access to the centers/urban centers will not be available
August 26th from 8pm-11pm.

On completion of the update, a refresh of your computer VPN software/settings will be needed for VPN service.

The step by step instructions below outline the refresh procedure. 
This procedure should be completed, at the earliest, the morning of August 27th, or prior to any attempt to remote into the center, after August 27th.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the refresh procedure, please contact AIT by clicking on any of the Contact icons below: